Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia: Vote NO! To protect marriage, family and the future of our children!

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T.I.: Threats, curses and eternal condemnation for those ignoring or applauding the sin and those who have such a behaviour (e.g. Sodom, 1 chapter of Romans epistle, Apocalypse), aren't enough to awaken our consciousness? Our prayer to God is for repentance, in order to evade the certainty of a dustruction similar to those we well know from both political and ecclesiastical history.

Dear brothers and sisters,

On 12 September, Australians will start to receive ballot papers for the marriage postal vote which must be returned by 7 November. We will be able to vote on the way our nation defi nes marriage, family and gender!
Think about the consequences of redefi ning marriage before you vote.

1. Vote NO to protect freedom of speech.
In countries where marriage has been redefi ned people have been taken to court or lost their jobs for standing up for marriage as it has been understood until now. In Australia Hobart Archbishop Julian Porteous was referred to the Anti-Discrimination Commission for teaching traditional marriage.

2. Vote NO to protect freedom of religion.
Did you know that this will aff ect what faith leaders will be able to preach, what schools will be able to teach, and how everyday Australians will be able to conduct their businesses in accordance with their beliefs?

3. Vote NO to protect the future of our children.
You will not be able to oppose radical sex education programs like ‘Safe Schools’. If marriage is redefi ned, there are consequential changes in education programs and policies in schools, and parents are increasingly excluded from having a say in the sex education of their children. Canadian Greek parent Dr Steve Tourloukis’ request to remove his children from these lessons was refused by the school and the Supreme Court.

His Eminence Archbishops Stylianos, has requested that all Orthodox Christians, beseech the Theotokos to protect the people from such an aberration and to Vote NO «Οχι» on the ballot paper we will receive through the post..


The brochure HERE in printable Pdf format

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